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Rising Star

The Rising Star page is where we like to take the time highlight one of our exceptional individuals. Our current Rising Star is Carol.

What are your hobbies?

Coloring, Bowling, and making bead jewelry.

What is your favorite movie?

Zombie Movies! (She does a great zombie impression)

If you could meet anyone, who would you want to meet and why?

Santa Clause to ask for presents!

What do you like most about Initial Independence?

Meeting people.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Spending Christmas with my parents.

What are 2-3 things you like about yourself?

1.Easy to talk to.

2.Likes they way she looks.

Who is your favorite person and why?

Aquaman! He was nice and helped her stand when she met him at ComiCon 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Hawaii, to meet new people, get souvenirs, and see the pretty water. It would also be her first time on an airplane. 

What is your favorite song?

Silent Night and Away in a Manger.

Who is your favorite singer?

Billy Ray Cyrus

What is your favorite thing to eat?

Spinach, green beans, and fruit.

What or who cheers you up when you feel sad?

Talking to her staff Nene.

What is your least favorite thing to eat?


What are you most afraid of?

Home intruders.

If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would you do?

Move into a house with a bigger kitchen so she can have people over and entertain for them.

What is your favorite season and why?

Winter because it's Christmas time!

What is your favorite sport and/or athlete?

Running because she used to beat all the guys and she likes to watch volleyball.